To Absent Friends - If Tomorrow Dies

If Tomorrow Dies (Official Video) by To Absent Friends.

Released on Pipeline Collective.

Directed by Emilia Staugaard & Sissel Abel.


Actor: Marco Marc

Dancers: Oliver Marcus Starpov & Frederik Levin

Styling: Kristoffer Vollhaase (Outfits by Ellen Pedersen)

Costumes: Maria Ipsen (DeLeón Company)

Drone: Aske Jørgensen

World Class Biking

- personal project -

BYCYKLEN: "World Class Cycling - The Feeling of Royalty"

Directed & filmed by Emilia Staugaard.


Actors: Genevieve Kirkaldy Spaanager Sztuk & Esben Wormslev & Fiona Kenter

Costumes: Anja Gaardbo

Assistant: Casper Vest

Concept: Emilia Staugaard

Music by: Upright Music

Special thanks to Gaardbodans

The Sea Inside

featured on Boys By Girls

"As virtuous gazes sail seamlessly upon the horizon, the moon cries out for the tide's return while the molten sun melts maidenly into tarmac twilight. Night-time drifts, hauling sways of sleepless stars upon her shoulders into the distance. The day awakens, painting the skies grey on his ascent whilst watching the waves below wreak havoc on anaemic sands. Shallowed shores serenade like sirens, anchoring trespassers to the harbour of the great blue abyss. What lurks below the oceanic mind of the youth? In this story, photographer Emilia Staugaard encapsulates Johan in his quest for self-discovery." 

Photographer: Emilia Staugaard

Fashion: Kristoffer Vollhaase

Grooming: Cecilie Do

Words: David Gillespie

Model: Johan Schade at Le Management

Sun Dogs

- To find yourself with another. To be dogs playing amongst the stardust -

Choreography/Dancers: Jens Schyth Brøndum & Frederik Levin Jensen
Costumes: Maria Ipsen 

The Dancer (Portrait Film)

 A short video-portrait of dancer Jens Schyth Brøndum.

Dancer: Jens Schyth Brøndum

Music By: Clozee - "The Mist"

Special Thanks To: Anja Gaardbo/gaardbodans

without you

- 1 min improv session with Jens -

Dancer: Jens Schyth Brøndum
Music By: Lapalux 

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